Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Superfast laser hair removal using our medical grade Smart Diode Laser. This treatment causes terminal damage to the hair follicle to prevent regrowth and is a permanent solution for hair reduction. Say goodbye to unwanted hair!

Suitable for both dark and fair skin types alike, each session will affect approximately 30% of the area, meaning the average successful program is 8 treatments. Treatment times can be as little as 5 minutes for a micro area (such as top lip) and intervals between your appointments will vary dependant on the area treated (your laser technician will advise accordingly on frequency).

We conduct a consultation and patch test prior to commencing treatment and are licensed and inspected by our local council.

Consultation and patch test


Refundable at first session

Micro area


Includes: Top lip, Chin or Cheek

Small Area


Includes: Underarm, Bikini Line or Half Face

Medium area


Includes: Half Leg, Brazilian or Full Face

Large area


Includes: Full Leg, Back or Chest

Laser Ultimate Package


Course of 8 treatments to cover underarms, hollywood and full leg (save 50% compared to individual sessions/area)

Laser Essentials package


Course of 8 treatments to cover underarms, half leg and bikini (save 50% compared to individual sessions/area)

*Packages can be paid in 3 instalments, and at the end of the course it will be determined if any further sessions are required

laser hair removal