Semi-Permanent Makeup

Ombre Brows


This is an amazing technique to implant pigment under the skin to provide definition, fullness and colour to sparse, thinning or uneven brows. Great if you’re struggling to achieve shape, symmetry and definition of your brows. Brows heal to a soft powdered effect and there is no ongoing maintenance, other that maintaining your own brow hairs that may grow outside of the shape. The process includes a full consultation throughout to achieve the shape and colour you are looking to achieve, along with full aftercare. A complimentary retouch appointment 4-8 weeks post first session to perfect your brows. Initial sitting is around 2 hours with retouch around 1 hour.

Lip Blush


Looking to have a natural tint to your lips permanently? Or looking for shape and definition to the borders of your lips? This technique implants pigment and lasts around 2-5 years and creates better shape, symmetry and a flush of your chosen colour. No more lipstick bleeding, no more lipstick on your glass or coming off whilst eating and reapplying. You can just use a lip balm/gloss to add a sheen if preferred.

Semi permanent eyeliner


No more struggle for the perfect liner, or if you dislike your liner smudging. This effect enhances the lash line to open up your eyes. Included are top and bottom liner. This includes a second follow up appointment. Different looks can be created from a simple lash enhancement to a smokey or winged liner (additional charge)

Our aesthetic treatments are performed by one of our registered nurses. We are also licensed and inspected by Ashfield District Council.